The Mayveda Notebook

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Hand with pastel coloured nail polish and two gold rings. One plain gold band and the other double diamond both antique.

How to identify Hallmarks?

Reveal the secrets of your most loved pieces of jewellery.

A hand showing red nail polish, on top of the hand are three vintage gold locket, two oval lockets and one round. In the background are pink roses.

How to Clean your Jewellery?

Watch how to clean your antique & vintage jewellery.

A pink opal pendant, small gold heart and turquoise star set ring sitting in front of lilac flowers.

Spotlight: The Wren

Learn about how we made our best selling pendant.


See our vintage and antique Birthstone jewellery.

How are Gemstones Identified?

Discover a beginners guide on how identify gemstones.

Gemstone: Opal

Discovering the fascinating world of Opals.