In the September issue for Italian Vogue  MAYVEDA was selected for the Vogue Beauty shoot photographed by Miles Aldridge. Thanks to every person involved the shoot looked incredible.

"Miles Aldridge mixes it up in ‘Beauty’ for the Supplement Issue of Vogue Italia,. Rich with color and texture, Aldrige goes for bold with a mind-bending look at the art of modern beauty. Stylist, Cathy Edwards, puts a unique spin on it by making the 50’s inspired theme appear fashion forward. Cosmetics clash in this high-tech look at the meaning of eclectic makeup. An exquisite mix of the past and future, (Makeup Artist) Alice Ghendrih captivates our senses by crossing vintage style with avant-garde appeal. Hairstylist, Kerry Warn, dares us to get dangerous with decadent dews that are all about the stand up and shout. Helena McKelvieNida KazickaiteJulie HoomansJena Goldsack & Emily Smith shows us, to merge eras, you have to look back to be able to see ahead. Saturated in style, each shot captures the essence of innocence while still alluding to the power of possibility."

Source: Fashion Cow

Visit Italian Vogue and the article and watch the making of the shoot here

Vogue Italian Vintage Jewellery

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Vogue Italia Vintage Photoshoot

From the article:

Colors are pop, details are Fifties’ and references are otaku. The lookover is a new mix of styles and cultures. Make-up is hyper-feminine. Doll-like volumes for hair styling

The Fifties and manga in an on-off manner. This sounds like an oxymoron but is instead one of the most captivating outfits at the moment. 

Lloyd Simmonds created the palettes of Bleus Lumière for Yves Saint Laurent starting from the reflections that light creates when playing with water. Chanel also has fun with a pinwheel of pop colors in Le Rouge Collection Variation.

A comic and playful make-up, explains Simone Belli, national make-up artist for L’Oréal Paris. “It never works on the correcting aspect, but emphasizes the pictorial traits. Eyes are big and with both top and bottom lashes as protagonists (L’Oréal Paris called its latest mascara Mega Volume Miss Manga, Ed.)”. 

Laura Taccani, excerpt from Vogue Italia, May 2014, n. 765, p.97

 Source: Vogue Italia 

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