A Victorian wedding was full of romance, superstition and tradition, much of which is seen in modern wedding planning today. For the fashionable engaged Victorian women a number of decisions needed to be made; when would the big day be and what was she going to wear?

June was the most popular month because it is named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage. She would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month.

After Queen Victoria wed in 1840 the colour white was popularised. During this period the language of flowers was also very popular, with each bloom having a specific meaning. Queen Victoria wore a rich white satin dress, trimmed with orange flower blossoms alongside a headdress of orange flower blossoms. 

Orange Blossom symbolises, Innocence, Eternal Love, Marriage and Fruitfulness.


Young Victoria Movie


Engagement rings during the Victorian era included spelt out words using coloured stones, such as ‘Regards’ or ‘Dearest’. Gemstones such as diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby and topaz were used. Other ring included snake rings featuring diamonds, rubies or sapphires symbolising the bride and groom intertwined demonstrating their mutual love.


Queen Victoria's Wedding Ring


Queen Victoria Wedding Dress

Queen Victoria on her wedding day.

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