The Locket has a long rich history, during the earlier centuries, they were used to carry good luck charms, mementoes, hair, powder and even poison. The locket secured its romantic status during the Victorian era, it became perhaps the most mysterious and alluring pieces of jewellery. Only the wearer knows what secrets lie within the locket. It was to be the ultimate love token. Pictures held in lockets were originally miniature portraits these were gradually replaced with photographs.

Young Victorian women would hide a picture of a man they admired, if the man offered up a locket of hair a marriage proposal usually would follow. Lockets were considered a statement of an intention to marry. 

Queen Victoria wore a heart shaped locket containing her husband's hair which she wore constantly. Prince Albert gifted Victoria a sweet bracelet with heart shaped enamel lockets with her childrens hair in. 

When Prince Albert died mourning jewellery became popular, Queen Victoria was in mourning for 60 years. Mourning jewellery lockets were crafted out of Whitby Jet, bog oak and vulcanite. 

Prince Albert Locket

Prince Albert gifted the locket to Victoria.

Queen Victoria's Childrens Locket

Queen Victoria's Charm Bracelet

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