Summer days, gentle breeze, enormous blue skies. My family holidayed on the Suffolk coast during each summer since I can remember. The coastal towns of Aldeburgh, Thorpeness, Southwold, Walbeswick and Orford - all places that conjure up memories of playing on the beach, long cycle rides and ice creams.


I have been in Thorpeness for the last couple of weeks. Whilst there was some exploration of local antique shops for vintage treasures, my focus has been on exercise, rest and recreation.


Today has been typical. It started with an early walk along the beach from the beach house at Thorpeness. We then went to the Pump House in Orford for breakfast, famous for its chocolate (which you can buy in Liberty's), Pump House’s best-kept secret is as an artisan baker. We got a bit carried away with cakes for later in the day, but started with a sourdough loaf and an aniseed doughnut – a fantastic start to the day I would recommend to anyone.


After breakfast, I had a wonderful morning dingy sailing with my friend at the Orford yacht club. We sailed up the river Alde along with an excited crowd of children who’s main objective was to capsize the dingy and enjoy splashing around in the river. Tired but refreshed, we went back to Thorpeness for lunch in the Dolphin Inn. The Dolphin in Thorpeness is one of those special pubs that combine great beer (Adnams brewed in Southwold), great food, and an easy going style that welcomes both children and dogs. They also have a great boule pitch for those who want gentle exercise. I love it because they cater for all tastes, the Dolphin grows their own vegetables, showing a serious commitment to excellent food.


After exercise and a wonderful long lunch, a snooze in a deck chair for the afternoon was the only option looking out over the Meare boating lake. Some days are just perfect.


Thorpeness Beach

Swans boating Lake Thorpeness

Swans at the Thorpeness Boating Lake


Swans at Sunset Thorpeness

Swans at Sunset at Thorpeness Boating Lake.


Thorpeness Beach

Stunning Sunset to end an already great day.




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