“Jewellery does not change, it cannot decay; it is a way of holding tight to the past.”

JK Rowling says it perfectly, my jewellery box is filled with pieces which mean so much to me. Each piece imbued with memory and sentiment gifted from loved ones which only become more special with each year.

What's in my jewellery box

My most precious jewellery would have to include a Victorian mourning locket and chain, I will always wonder whose life was being celebrated or mourned, it features delicately woven hair concealed inside the locket.

Mourning Locket

Most of my jewellery were gifts, my father gave me a plain gold woven bracelet for my 11th Birthday. My Mother encouraged me to fill it with charms which I have done with old and new.

Gold Charm Bracelet

On my 16th Birthday, a close friend of mine gave me a puffed heart with my name engraved on it, I was completely enchanted, I bought a long silver chain and continued to collect trinkets. I wore this charm necklace for the rest of my teenage years, I simply loved it, so personal to me.

Tiffany Heart Necklace

My Grandparents gifted me an old pocket watch for my 21st Birthday which is very important to me. I only wear it at home, I am too scared of losing it. It sits in my jewellery box where I can admire it and enjoy the happy memories it retains.

Antique Pocket Watch

The final piece which was a shock, last Christmas my Mother gifted a diamond ring to me, there is nothing more extravagant. Normally you would receive a ring of this kind from a potential fiance but no it was my wonderful Mother and I don’t take it off.


Diamond Ring

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