Mother and daughter, Gillian and Tiffany launched MAYVEDA in 2011. With their shared passion for jewellery and history, it felt like the perfect fit.


Gillian has been studying and collecting antique jewellery, furniture, paintings and china for over 30 years. Gillian studied at the London College of Fashion where she refined her creative eye. Gillian's expertise and experience have allowed her to design our signature MAYVEDA packaging as well as sourcing and buying our jewellery.


Tiffany's first memories of being taken by jewellery was as a young girl, spending time with her mother searching for antique treasures. Tiffany started her jewellery education at school where she was introduced to silversmithing in her early teenage years. Her passion for collecting and making jewellery continued and developed throughout her early education. Whilst she was studying Politics and Economics at London University, MAYVEDA was launched as a business and a creative outlet.


What made you start Mayveda?

Mayveda came from a combination of my love of antiques, jewellery, technology and silversmithing. I was lucky enough at school to have taken silversmithing as an A-Level alongside web design. During my time off at university, I spent my summers studying and working as a freelance makeup artist, which provided a creative outlet and gave me the confidence to go for it and have my own business. I have always been a bit of a tech geek and the thought of having my own web based business really excited me. I wanted to combine my love of jewellery, technology and design into a business I could develop as my own with my family.


On leaving Uni I expanded my business knowledge by working with a PR firm specialising in digital marketing in the fashion sector. I then managed to get a position running the website and digital marketing for a large online jewellery business selling modern designs. This firm was great as they were perfectly happy with me developing my own vintage jewellery business in parallel. Last year, in 2016, we took the plunge and adopted Mayveda as a full-time business opportunity.


What is the philosophy behind Mayveda?

Gillian and I wanted to share our passion for vintage and antique jewellery – a part of the jewellery trade that we felt was being overlooked. We would often get comments from friends and family about our pieces of jewellery. It seemed to us that they did not know what was available, the quality and style and, frankly, the value available in the vintage and antique markets. There also seemed a vast gap in knowledge concerning older jewellery manufactur and style. People simply did not know what to look for or where. We wanted to take the confusion out of it, with our many years of collecting we have been able to do that.


Why Vintage & Antique?

It is a mystery - who made the piece, where is it from, who owned it? These are the questions which go through my head. I get great joy out of researching and discovering as much as I can from the hallmarks, design and craftsmanship of the pieces. The Georgians, Victorians and Edwardians all seemed to think through the purpose of jewellery – not merely as an adornment, but something with deeper meaning. Most of the time your antique or vintage piece is one-of-a-kind which makes it almost bespoke made just for you.


What are your everyday inspirations?

My time is split between the bustling city of London and the beautiful countryside of Suffolk, they both inspire me. Clerkenwell in London is full of history and energy, it is constantly moving. Clerkenwell is a particular centre for both the creative and tech businesses (Google is just round the corner!!).  My home in Suffolk is slower with its beautiful landscapes and gardens allowing me to relax and reflect – and search for jewellery.



What made you start Mayveda?

Tiffany and I used to go weekly to antique fairs, searching for unusual items, whether jewellery, furniture, paintings, china or other objet d’art. When it came to pieces for the home or jewellery, it had to be old. So our day out shopping often was an antique fair.


MAYVEDA came from our shared passion for jewellery, which we found fascinating, and Tiffany’s drive to create a tech based business. We couldn't understand why people were buying new mass produced jewellery when you could enjoy stunning Victorian rings and Art Deco necklaces which were far superior in quality and value. Indeed, often these were the pieces being copied by the designers - why not have an original. 


My daughter had such a keen interest in jewellery I encouraged her to turn her passion into a business, as first we were just learning the ropes and it turned into the incredibly exciting business which we enjoy every day.


Why Vintage & Antique?

It just has to be, I love it. Nothing is more romantic than Victorian mourning jewellery or more beautiful the Georgian paste. Modern jewellery just doesn't excite me in the same way the older pieces do.


What are your everyday inspirations?

Art, I love drawing. Every afternoon I take myself away to a good light and draw anything and everything from faces to birds and butterflies. I can not be moved until the light has gone. I also love interiors decoration – particularly Victorian and Georgian interiors. Another good reason to spent time in the sale rooms.



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