Ruby is the colour of love, anger, passion and fury. It was believed those who wore rubies were bestowed good fortune, throughout history rubies were worn by emperors and kings. Still to this day we value the gemstone just as highly. The ruby is considered one of the four most precious gemstones in the world alongside Sapphire, Emerald and Diamond. 

Queen Elizabeth


Rubies should be the colour of 'pigeon blood', which actually refers to the colour of a white pigeons eye. In America a minimum colour saturation must be met for a stone to be called a ruby. Rubies light in colour are considered to be pink sapphires. The price of ruby depends on the colour and clarity.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

In the Victorian (1837-1901) era Rubies were used in engagement rings spelling out the word 'REGARDS' or 'DEAREST'. Each letter represented by a gemstone:

  • R - Ruby
  • E - Emerald
  • G - Garnet
  • A - Amethyst
  • R - Ruby
  • D - Diamond
  • S - Sapphire

In the 21st century Rubies are traditionally given on the 40th wedding anniversary. 

Queen Victoria's Ruby Ring

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