Towards the end of the 1960s, women became tired of the loud fabrics and unisex looks. Inspired by Oriental fashion with its loose flowing kaftans; billowing limp fabrics became increasingly popular. To accessorise they wore long strings of beads, gilt chains, bangles, earrings and anklets. Designers such as Trifari were creating large pieces which looked like exotic jewels, many designers created large multicoloured encrusted pieces. 

Good quality costume jewellery was on the decline in the early 1970s, a sudden influx of cheap chain pieces came onto the market, as the fashion of 'Anything goes' took hold. Women wore skirts of all lengths, stretchy materials, jean and jewellery wasn't seen as a focus. The fashion was discreet jewellery as designers such as Calvin Klein became popular. 

The end of the 1970s saw designers such as Vivienne Westwood accessorizing with punk 'jewels' - safety pins, razor blades and metal spikes. 

1970's Fashion

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