There is a nip in the air and it is time to organise a few warmer clothes. We have missed our over sized jumpers, those thick inky black tights and the our patent boot. Jewellery wise when winter hits, the brooch is an essential accessory. It can be worn on those beautiful chunky knits and heavy coats with absolute ease.

How to wear your brooch


Wear a large brooch on a thick jumper as the weight of the brooch can be supported, smaller brooches can be worn on finer material such as blouses and cardigans. 

One of the most modern ways to wear a brooch is on a woolen hat or a material bag. Delicate marcasite brooches such as bows and hearts can add a new dimension to a classic clutch bag. If you opt to wear your brooch on a beanie hat get inspiration from stars like Rihanna who was spotted wearing a cameo on her plain black beanie. 

Duchess of Cambridge Jewellery


Brooches are coming back in a big way Oscar de la Renta and Lanvin are designers who have been featuring bold brooches on the catwalk in recent seasons. This has filtered through to the red carpet where the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker regularly wear antique and vintage brooches on stunning gowns. The most notable fan of brooches is the Duchess of Cambridge who has been showing off the family brooch collection in recent public outings. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Brooches

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