Mayveda by Tiffany

The best part of jewellery making is you are never finished learning, you are always a student. Below is a snapshot into how we create our By Tiffany Collection, our first mini lesson on the blog.

For each conversion we select beautiful antique pieces which we feel would look better in another form say a stick pin to a ring or a bar brooch to a pendant.


Once the piece has been selected, we start by removing the back of the brooch, sawing, filing and smoothing, creating a flat area ready for the gold rings to be soldered on to. 

To solder the rings in to place, heat the piece and the rings, once they are at the correct temperature the gold solder which has been placed in between the brooch and the rings will melt. 

Once the piece is cool, it is placed into a pickling bath where an acid solution removes the black marks of the heating process.

The next stage is to clean, polish and finally the attach the chain.


Converting Antique Jewellery


Converted Horseshoe Necklace


Horseshoe Necklace


Antique Stick Pin Rings

Above I converted three Victorian stickpins into our signature spike rings and a stacking ring. 

 Antique Medal Bracelet


Antique Horseshoe Necklace

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