Ethical Style - Our Favourite Brands

Ethical Style


We believe you vote with every pound you spend, choosing brands which are ethical, fashionable and at the right price can be a challenge. Below we have put together our favourite go to brands for well made pieces of clothes which will last more than one season.

At Mayveda we have a very keen interest in sustainable and ethical fashion. Vintage and antique lovers have been appreciating fine pieces of jewellery for many years regardless of age. We would like our pieces of jewellery to be enjoyed and appreciated, worn and passed down for many years to come. 

Style This with This

  Vintage Orange Clip Earrings

Vildnis Jumpsuit 1888 Silver Pendant  

 People Tree Cat Tee

1940s Silver Bracelet
Veja Ethical Trainers Vintage Marina Chain
Ethical Fedora Hat Art Deco Paste Bracelet 

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